Straighten Teeth at Home With Clear Aligners – Does it Really Work?

Straighten Teeth at Home With Clear Aligners – Does it Really Work
Straighten Teeth at Home With Clear Aligners – Does it Really Work
  • Published Date: November 26, 2021
  • Updated Date: April 15, 2022
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Medically Reviewed by

Dr. Kiryaki

Are you considering the option to straighten teeth at home using clear aligners? A straight smile in 6 months (or maybe a little longer) sounds appealing, right?

So how does from home teeth straightening work and what’s the process? We’re sure you have many questions that need answering to put your mind at ease, so take a seat and enjoy the read.

But first of all, let’s take a quick look at clear aligners, what they are, and why they’re so popular….

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of close-fitting custom-made orthodontic systems that are used for teeth straightening. As a removable alternative to braces, their ‘invisible’ appearance, convenience and flexibility has made them a popular choice for those wishing to straighten their teeth discreetly.

Other factors like heightened awareness of adult orthodontics, celebrities sporting straight white smiles and social media influencers have all played their part in driving the clear aligner market forward.

While clear aligners may seem like a new concept, you may be surprised to learn that they have been around since 1998. However, they have evolved with time – the most recent being direct to your door clear aligners that enable patients to straighten their teeth at home without the need to visit a dentist or orthodontist.

This brings us nicely back to the question of whether teeth straightening at home using tele-dentistry works?

The answer is yes, but it’s not for everyone.

At-home teeth straightening is ideal for gapped or crooked teeth. In 4 to 10 months patients can achieve a straighter smile in a very discreet way. That said, it doesn’t provide a solution for all orthodontic issues and offers more of a cosmetic enhancement for the smile.

At Straight My Teeth, we’re passionate about helping people feel more confident by offering them an easily affordable method of achieving the beautiful straight smile they’ve always wanted.

Our at-home clear aligner solution is designed for those individuals more concerned with achieving their optimal straightening results as opposed to wanting to correct a more complex malocclusion which could, in some cases, require a 2-year stint of orthodontic treatment.

Straighten teeth at home with SMT Aligners – What’s the procedure?

Our clear aligners (which incidentally are the clearest on the market) are designed for cases of mild to moderate dental misalignments and are practically invisible. Worn over the teeth like a mouthguard, they provide a snug but comfortable fit with no brackets and wires. Gentle pressure is gradually applied so that over a few months the teeth gradually start to move into their correctly aligned positions.

Here’s how the procedure works

  • Simply fill in our online assessment form and an experienced dentist will review your case to see if you’re a suitable candidate for clear aligners.
  • Once approved you can order an impression kit.
  • Having sent off your completed impression moulds to our dental lab, you will receive a 3D simulation of your predicted smile results so you can view your new smile before starting treatment.
  • Once you’re happy, we’ll post your custom made aligners direct to your door and you’re good to go.

Who is the ideal candidate for teeth straightening with Straight My Teeth?

Clear aligners typically address the visible teeth in your smile line so they’re ideal for people looking to correct misalignments in this area without incurring the cost and time needed with other braces options.

This is what makes an ideal candidate for SMT aligners:

  • You are 14 years of age or older
  • The teeth you want to align are natural
  • You have mild to moderate tooth crowding/spacing
  • You agree to wear your aligners as instructed by your designated dentist
  • You have a shipping address
  • You have attended a dental check in the last 6 months and your teeth are healthy
  • You want your best smile
  • You would like to save money on orthodontic treatment from home

Who is not a candidate for Straight My Teeth aligners?

  • Your dental issue is too complex for teeth straightening at home and requires one-to-one care in a dental clinic
  • Not all of your teeth are natural. Crowns, veneers, bridges, and implants may interfere with the procedure since these are treatments designed to fit with the current alignment of the teeth
  • You are not dentally healthy. It’s not wise to start any orthodontic treatment if you have gum disease, tooth decay or a severe bite issue.

We’re here to help at all times

Your teeth must have been properly checked by a dentist before going ahead with teeth straightening from home. This is why we give patients the option to book a consultation and get their teeth scanned by a licensed dentist at our Smile Studio. They can then complete their treatment with virtual check-ins.

All patients are assigned a Smile Crew Member who can forward any concerns to their assigned dentist and get back with their response. We also offer support throughout your treatment via email, telephone, 24/7 live chat and videos.

Are you worried about crooked teeth?

Perhaps it’s time to start cosmetic teeth straightening at home. Why not take our free assessment to see if you’re a suitable candidate for a Straight My Teeth beautiful new smile. It’s never too late to straighten teeth and with a super low price of just £1499, there’s even more reason to smile.

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Medically Reviewed by

Dr. Kiryaki

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