Why is everyone ditching the Traditional Braces for Clear Aligners?

Straight My Teeth Clear Aligners
  • Published Date: January 19, 2019
  • Updated Date: May 26, 2022
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If people think of the most awkward phase of their lives, an image of themselves in traditional metal braces might pop up in their minds. Not everyone must have liked wearing metal brackets and wires on their teeth and those being visible every time, they opened their mouth.

Getting your braces readjusted, every time can cause you a ton of discomfort and even pain in some cases. Braces have metal brackets attached to each of your teeth, connected by a metal wire. The metal can be visible, every time you open your mouth.
Though braces are extremely effective in treating severe cases of teeth misalignment, the visible metal might lower your confidence and force you to hold back from smiling freely or laughing your heart out, in public. This can easily be avoided by opting for some other teeth-straightening method.

What are clear aligners and what benefits do they possess?

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are known to be a modern and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners come in the form of removable trays which are made of medical-grade, BPA free plastic which makes them almost invisible to the public eye, making you feel much more confident to show off your progressing new smile.

Needing Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are used to treat various teeth misalignment cases. These cases can range from minor to moderate. You will find the need to go for clear aligners if your upper and lower teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed, resulting in an improper bite.

This needs to be treated as it can cause crooked teeth, tooth decay, gum diseases, headaches and jaw misalignment. Treatment can be suggested by your orthodontist upon a close inspection of the severity of your case. The treatment can begin as soon as you get a heads up to opt for clear aligners.

Getting Clear Aligners

The treatment begins with your dental impressions being taken. These impressions, when mailed to the team, will then be sent to the laboratory, for your custom aligners to be made. These aligners come in the form of trays of various sizes. These trays constantly put gentle pressure on your teeth, to properly align them.

These trays differ in size as every new tray will be straighter than the first one. You will need to wear these trays for a maximum of 20 hours, a day. This journey towards achieving a bright new smile can last up to 4-6 months and we promise that you will end up with a confident personality and contentment in your heart.

Upkeeping clear aligners is not a hard task at all. Their removable nature allows you to take care of your dental hygiene in a much better way. You can easily brush or floss your teeth after you have taken your aligners off. Moreover, the aligners can be rinsed with lukewarm water before putting them back on.


  1. I read up on clear aligners. Seems really good. Can you guys connect with my dentist in Liverpool so he can oversee this for me? I am emailing you her info. Thanks.

    1. Invisible aligner treatment is the new technology and clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults.

    1. Having dental braces to your teeth is visible to all and most of the people feel uncomfortable wearing braces. So, for them, an invisible aligner is the right option. Invisible aligner is a clear way to straighten your teeth without the need of braces, using aligners that are removable, virtually invisible devices, and affordable

  2. I hate how when I open my mouth the wires are the first thing people notice. Can I switch in the middle of my braces treatment?

    1. Clear aligners are easier to keep clean than braces. This makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. You can remove the aligners to brush and clean the aligners. You can then pop them back in your mouth.

  3. Hated my braces, clear aligners sure would have been nice 20 years ago. Getting my son clear aligners as soon as he turns 14.

    1. Braces are visible and are terrible. Great you chose clear aligners for your son. Wearing braces people feel shy and or embarrassed while speaking to someone. Aligners being almost invisible will give you the confidence throughout your treatment. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed while speaking to someone. Aligners are virtually invisible which means no one will notice that you are undergoing any orthodontic treatment. Whether you are a student, professional or a homemaker aligners can be used by all. Clear aligners are making this possible with the latest technology.

  4. As an adult I sure hesitated while considering metal braces for oblivious reasons. It was nice discovering clear aligners 🙂

    1. Hello Wayne,
      Clear aligners are a more modern alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of brackets and wires, this treatment uses clear, rigid plastic aligners to correct your tooth alignment. The plastic functions to move and stabilize your teeth. These aligners are made from impressions of your mouth. This ensures that they fit properly and provide you with the best possible results. The aligners fit over your teeth much like a whitening tray or mouthguard. They are completely clear, rendering them practically invisible when placed in your mouth.

      In addition to being clear, clear aligners are also removable. This means that you can take them out as needed. Ideally, however, they should be worn 20 to 22 hours every day. Your aligners should only come out to eat, and to brush and floss your teeth.

  5. Braces are such a headache, I hated mine. I am glad there’s another option I can get my daughter.

    1. Hello Zack,
      Absolutely correct braces is just an headache. The new technology has come up that is clear aligners. clear aligners correct teeth alignment in the same way as braces. But, unlike braces, you don’t need to pop to the dentist to get them fitted to your teeth. The mould of your teeth is used to design aligners that fit perfectly around your teeth. The teeth straightening treatment requires, just like metal braces, regular wearing. Ideally, you should wear your clear aligners for teeth for 22 hours a day for a 2-week period to start seeing improvements without the first couple of months. However, the length of the treatment varies depending on the cases.

    1. Hello Molly,
      One of the benefits of wearing the aligners and removing them to eat allows patients to consume food without limitations. With traditional braces, certain foods can become entangled within the wire structure and make them difficult to clean. With the clear aligner systems, there are no limitations in which foods can be consumed, as long as patients are diligent with their oral hygiene in brushing and flossing after each meal. Some of the other advantage of clear aligners are Clear aligners are often not visible, allowing patients to smile with greater confidence and approximating the treatment duration a little more precisely than braces.

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