What has lockdown taught us about Tele-dentistry?

What has lockdown taught us about Tele dentistry
What has lockdown taught us about Tele dentistry
  • Published Date: June 8, 2020
  • Updated Date: November 26, 2021
  • Reading Time: 11 min

There is no doubt that lockdown, travel restrictions, and social-distancing measures have affected many aspects of everybody’s lives. Even more important than the way many professionals have to conduct business from home today is our relationship with doctors, dentists, and practitioners. It is undeniable that the way we are looking after our physical and dental health has changed – but new technologies such as clear braces and teledentistry are here to help!

What is teledentistry?

Teledentistry – and telehealth – is a newly-popular term defining the innovative ways of accessing professional healthcare and dentistry services. Also known as virtual dentistry, this practice is part of the broader field of telemedicine or diagnosing and curing patients via virtual means.

Patients are examined and treated at a distance, a characteristic that has made this new model the likely way forward for most oral health practices. So far, this practice has been leveraged by those who don’t have direct access to an oral health clinic or dentist or live far from one.

However, in this time of COVID-19 travel restrictions and social-distancing measures, this practice has taken a whole new meaning. Indeed, through video calls and video conferences, any patient can consult a professional dentist from the comfort of their homes and in complete safety.

While shaping the new way we think of our relationship with a dentist, this practice has made it accessible for many individuals to benefit from services they would not have had otherwise.

This can indeed happen for economic or geographical reasons, but less than 50% of the population currently visits a dentist as often as it is recommendable to do so. Indeed, many individuals (over 7,500 every week) prefer to opt for more affordable options when it comes down to oral health, such as visiting the local GP.

Today, teledentistry – and the several innovations that come with it – have generated a more affordable, accessible, and straightforward way to leverage the services you would have struggled to benefit from otherwise. And without long commuting times and hours spent in the waiting room!

What can teledentistry do?

While in the beginning teledentistry could only be used for a limited range of services, the sector has been developing and innovating rapidly to meet the changing needs of patients across the world. Today, this discipline allows you to access a wide variety of services and treatments – just through a short video call.

Among the services that you could use the most are:
● Diagnosis
● Consultation
● Dental information
● Education
● Tooth brushing monitoring programs
● Second opinions
● Surveys – such as the Smile Survey
● Prescriptions
● Obtain professional advice and recommendations

All this, without having to expose yourself to a public space or without being in close contact with others. This characteristic makes it the preferred practice during this pandemic, especially by people in the high-risk portion of the population.

However, it is essential to notice that many clinics will remain open for emergencies, such as in the case of:

● Broken dentures
● Facial traumas or accidents
● Copious bleeding
● Abscesses
● Wisdom teeth removal – just in the case of emergencies
● Dental restorations
● Shattered or broken teeth
● A knocked-out or shattered tooth
● Severe pain or discomfort

In these cases, not only should you immediately get in touch with your dentist, but you should also make an appointment and visit the clinic. Indeed, trying to find a remedy at home can result in dangerous or counter-productive outcomes that can worsen the situation. However, before heading to the nearest clinic, it is recommendable to get in touch with your dentist and obtain professional advice.

Who can benefit from teledentistry

One of the most attractive features of teledentistry is that anybody will be able to have access to the services provided. Indeed, consultations and treatments result more affordable through this method, a characteristic that has allowed the oral healthcare industry worldwide to reach out to a broader audience than ever.

Of course, as we have seen above, if you are suffering from pain, inflammation, bleeding, or severe conditions, you should opt for a visit to the nearest clinic to avoid worsening the situation. However, in any other case, you will be able to complete your visit through a simple video call!

The benefits of teledentistry

Several benefits made many patients fall in love with this way of accessing the services of a professional dentist in the past. However, these have never been as relevant as today. Indeed, many individuals are facing the challenges presented by the lockdown and travel restrictions.

Here are some of the ones to keep in mind when you are presented with a choice:

● The services are often more affordable than having to visit a clinic
● You can avoid the commuting and waiting times associated with your appointment
● The range of services offered by teledentistry is broad and can fulfil the needs of most patients, especially when it comes down to routine checks and consultations.
● It is entirely safe, especially during the current pandemic
● You can choose the clinic and doctor that better reflects your needs and preferences
● You can complete registration and medical history recording procedures online for a more streamlined process.

The era of clear aligners

One of the services that are the most sought after by patients opting for teledentistry is alignment treatments. Most of us can remember when wearing braces required excessive investment, painful procedures, unpleasant aesthetics, and frequent visits to the clinic. Additionally, most of these interventions tend to happen when we are young, and many adults feel like they are no longer in time to obtain the smile they have always dreamed of.

However, today’s innovations and technologies have allowed us to present our patients with a comfortable, discreet and more affordable solution to treat and realign teeth at home.

Teeth straightening at home might have been a dream for the past generations. Still, today teledentistry allows dentists to evaluate the situation and complete diagnosis without even the need of several video calls. As the process becomes more streamlined every day – and we surely don’t stop innovating and rethinking our practices – you can expect professional results without the need for lengthy and repetitive visits.

Clear braces – or clear alignments – are an easily accessible teeth-straightening solution for anybody who would prefer to complete the journey with minimum expenditure and perfect results.

What are clear braces?

If you are thinking about undertaking the exciting journey toward a beautiful smile, everything you will need to do is fill in the assessment form on our website. Then, if you are legible, we will proceed to take the dental impressions and, once received and examined, send you over your new clear braces. You can do so without the need of leaving your home!

Clear braces are devices made of medically-approved BPA-free plastic. Due to the biocompatible material of which they are made of, these braces are the clearest on the market. And they are also perfect for anybody who is a little shy about wearing braces!

Clear aligners work just the traditional ones, only without the pain or discomfort. They are designed to be discreet, so you can comfortably wear them all day and just remove them to eat, drink, or brush your teeth.

While invisible and easy-to-wear, clear aligners can represent a viable solution for several conditions, such as:
● Crossbites
● Gaps
● Crowded teeth
● Overbites

However, your dental impressions will be examined by a Licensed Dentist here at Straight My Teeth. Then, you will receive a personalised treatment plan directly on your doorstep. With our treatments, you will be able to notice the first results just after four months, yet more significant interventions might take six months to a year to be correctly treated.

The benefits of clear braces

Clear braces boast benefits that make them the obvious choice for many individuals, especially during times of social-distancing regulations as a revolutionary way of thinking of teeth straightening methods.

Here are only some that allow you to get an overview of this device, yet every individual might have different reasons for picking this teeth straightening method over others.

● Invisible braces can treat 90% of orthodontic cases – in the remaining 10% of cases standard braces with wires, even if made of transparent material, might be required.
● Clear aligners are more discreet than standard braces
● While this kind of intervention is more suitable during teenage years when the jaw and teeth are still developing, many adults have seen surprisingly positive results with this method.
● Their cost is 45% to 75% lower than the investment required for standard braces
● They can be effortlessly removed if you prefer to not wear them during special occasions (i.e., meetings, appointments, etc.)
● They are more discreet and less noticeable than standard braces
● The gradual treatment offered by clear braces allow you to diminish the number of check-ups and the amount of discomfort
● Effects are visible in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years

Of course, while all these benefits set clear braces apart from traditional teeth-straightening methods, there are some precaution and care tips to follow while wearing them. These include the limited consumption of specific foods and drinks that could stain the braces and a more thorough oral hygiene routine. But don’t worry: your dentist will be able to provide all the information and tips you need during this time.

Why are clear braces so revolutionary during the current times?

Since the first clear aligners that became popular in the 90s, this alternative method of teeth straightening at home has been developing fast, becoming more affordable and accessible over time. However, during the current pandemic, it has become clear that clear aligners will be the way forward!

Indeed, teledentistry allows for virtual diagnoses and consultation, following which you will receive your personalised gradual clear aligners treatment straight on your doorstep. While you will never be left short of the professional support and care provided by a licensed dentist, you can achieve your goals from the comfort of your home.

All this means that, especially during the current lockdown, many patients can build a different relationship with the healthcare professionals, which is entirely safe and in respect of the current social-distancing regulations.

Indeed, without the need for in-office check-ups and routine appointments, clear alignments – and teledentistry – represents a way of looking after your smile without the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

What to expect from Straight My Teeth

If you are thinking of investing in clear braces to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of having, you should know what to expect from our company. Here at Straight My Teeth, we are just as proud of your smile as you are, and our professionals use only the latest technologies and innovations to provide the highest-quality braces on the market. Learn more about how to receive your personalised clear aligners below and start your teeth-straightening journey today!
Our process
You can receive your personalised clear braces treatment at home in three simple steps!
1. Complete the assessment
Fill in the form you can find on our website or here. This step will only take around 30 seconds, and it is entirely free. This preliminary stage allows us to get an overview of your dental situation and whether our braces will be useful in your case. Once the consultation is successful, and you are eligible for this treatment, head to step two!
2. Creating dental impressions
After the first assessment, your licensed dentist will get in touch and send a Dream Smile Box™ to your address. You will need this kit to take your dental impressions at home following the instructions in the box. It contains everything you need and all the relevant information you might need.
3. Enjoy your aligners!
After we have received your dental impressions, we will craft a personalised clear braces treatment that will gently drive your teeth into positions. Any patient can start using it straight away and start seeing results in a matter of weeks!

Get in touch

Here at Straight My Teeth, we never stop innovating our products and coming up with solutions to provide you with the best services on the market. We also understand that each client may have different needs and requirements. While you can complete the whole process online from your laptop, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to speak with a licensed dentist to get all of your questions answered!


  1. Teledentistry has really bloomed in the past few years especially with the innovative clear aligners for teeth straightening.

  2. When I read these are BPA free, I make the decision to get them. Anyone considering clear aligners, do your homework. You do NOT want BPA. Thank you for offering BPA free only aligners. It’s bad enough we have BPA in our water bottles, products and packaging, we don’t need anymore!

  3. Teledentistry has really bloomed in the past few years especially with the innovative clear aligners for teeth straightening.

  4. Definitely one of the best innovations of teledentistry is at home teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners. All in for no dental visits!

  5. This is awesome and a great way for people to still get care while at home. Some people, like myself, have autoimmune issues and can’t risk going out unless it’s a dire emergency.

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