NightOnly Clear Aligners at affordable pricing

What are night time aligners and should you get them
What are night time aligners and should you get them
  • Published Date: March 26, 2020
  • Updated Date: November 26, 2021
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You may have heard of night only aligners, they are used primarily to help straighten teeth as we sleep and are usually kept on for around 10 hours of the day until we get up to do our daily business. Wearing clear aligners for 20-22 hours each day for people who want to enjoy their lifestyle and dont want their daily routine to be affected, isn’t feasible. So wearing aligners for the whole day is a big task. Sometimes you need to remove them in a business meeting or while having lunch or morning cup of coffee. With people’s lifestyle and comfort in mind, we have introduced NightOnly Clear Aligners.

1) Nobody Knows

StraightMyTeeth aligners are virtually invisible and no one comes to know that you are straightening your teeth. So they are made for people who are busy in their daily schedule. If someone is very much passionate about gym, lifting heavy weight, who is very shy in public or someone who is Glutton (who loves to eat) the day time aligners are not for them. So the best choice for them is StraightMyTeeth NightOnly Clear Aligners, when no one is around.

2) Treatment time

It may take longer to get your desired results, but NightOnly Clear Aligners are a more convenient option to get your dream smile. On average day time aligners take 4-6 months on average to complete the treatment, you have to wear aligners for 20-22 hours each day and NightOnly Clear Aligners take 6-8 months and need to be worn for 8-10 hours, but you will get the same results as day time aligners.

3) Best for Minor treatment

NightOnly Clear Aligners are not well suited for patients with moderate to severe dental conditions. The patient who wants minor teeth moment, nightonly clear aligners is the best choice for them.

4) Material Used

StraightMyTeeth NightOnly Clear Aligners are handcrafted and trimmed to the gum line. They are snug fit and are more comfortable to wear same like day time aligners. Our NightOnly Clear Aligners are made by the internationally patented unique process, which involves advanced technology supported by customize software and mechanical system. The same material we use to make NightOnly Clear Aligners which is BPA free plastic.

5) Cost

StraightMyTeeth offers NightOnly Clear Aligners at the affordable price, for only £1299. This includes impression kit, smile projection, NightOnly  Clear Aligners, and set of retainers to maintain your new smile. We like to offer our patients only the very best in dental care and cosmetic dentistry is something we take pride in, we appreciate a healthy smile will bring confidence. However, getting your teeth straighten & healthy has to be done the best way possible to ensure that you are not damaging your teeth or hindering the changes. Therefore StraightMyTeeth aligners are preferable and we believe in offering different methods to give you that bright smile you have always dreamed of.


    1. Great Nichole, Day and night aligner gives the same result, but the only difference is night aligner takes longer time to complete the treatment.

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