Things You Need To Know Before You Choose Clear Aligners

Straight My Teeth Clear Aligners
  • Published Date: April 15, 2020
  • Updated Date: October 23, 2021
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Not all of us are blessed with perfectly straight teeth. Due to genetics and the level of oral hygiene we take, including what we eat and drink, can all have an impact on how our teeth grow and age over the years. Clear aligners are something that can help provide you with those straight teeth that you’ve been looking for. However, before you commit to clear aligners, it’s a good idea to be clued up on the process and whether it’s something that’s right for you and your needs. Here are the things you need to know before you choose clear aligners.

The Cost

When it comes to any type of procedure where you’re having a dental treatment or getting products for your mouth, it’s essential to think about your budget. Although invisible aligners are a main solution to fixing your teeth’s alignment, you shouldn’t rule out other things like metal braces, as certain problems with your teeth might only be fixable through braces. Clear aligners are also custom-made and so might be a little more expensive. This is worth researching to understand the costs involved and to ensure it’s something you can afford to invest in.

It’s Quick & Efficient

The main benefit that comes with clear aligners is that they take a lot less time to align your teeth than other options do. Most patients who use them will likely see results after two to three months, which is incredible when it comes to most procedures where you want to see the results from the money you pay. What benefits wearing clear aligners is that you can whiten your teeth at the same time. As you have the trays in your mouth already, you might as well make use of them when they’re in there for most of the day. A lot of the attraction of clear aligners does come from the fact that they serve their purpose over a shorter period of time. The appearance of them is a lot more subtle too than traditional braces are. This can be great for those who are self-conscious of having anything in their mouth for a period of time.

Feeling Discomfort And Loose Teeth

Clear aligners aren’t something that are totally pain-free. As they’re something that’s straightening your teeth, they’ll be gently forcing them into a position that won’t be comfortable. It might feel odd at first, but that feeling is likely to subside as you get used to it. Some people who use our clear aligners will report on some discomfort, whereas others might not really feel anything. It’s all dependent on your tolerance for pain, and the level of straightening your teeth need to adjust to. When using aligners, they sometimes give the feeling of you having loose teeth. This is a normal feeling and something you don’t need to panic over when it comes to using them. Obviously, if you do have any concerns, you can always get in touch with us to have them looked at. As your teeth are moving, they’ll likely feel a bit loose, but your teeth are made of strong stuff, and it will take a lot for them to fall out or get knocked out.

There May Be Slight Changes To Speech

With clear aligners in your mouth, there might be a degree of change to your speech. The trays are going to be marginally bigger than your actual teeth, and so it might take your mouth a little while to adjust to the change. This could be a speech change in the form of slight lisp. It’s nothing to be concerned about as this will likely go back to normal while the trays are in or once they’ve come out. If you are finding that the trays impact your speech, it’s worth practicing at home and finding the words or letters that cause you to have that lisp. It can help to train yourself in that first week or two to get rid of the lisp.

Your Oral Hygiene Will Likely Improve

Having braces or clear aligners is something you’re going to have to look after and maintain when it comes to your oral hygiene. And as much as you might have been good at brushing before, you are certainly going to improve and becoming a king or queen in brushing. It’s also worth getting floss and mouthwash to help with the general clean of your mouth. With clear aligners, you will also want to keep them clean as they’re something that’s being inserted into your mouth day after day. If you’re not keeping them clean, then you risk damage to your teeth and the quality of your teeth straightening out properly. We’ll also provide you with everything you need in order to keep the clear aligners clean so that they can continue to perform at it’s best.

You Might Miss Eating and Drinking Slowly

When it comes to eating and drinking, it’s something that you’ll have to do mostly in short bursts, so if you’re someone who likes eating and drinking quickly, it might be something that takes getting used to. With clear aligners you’ll be expected to wear these for around 22 hours a day or as long as possible in order for them to have the full effect. It might take a bit of getting used to, but if you want to see quicker results, you might want to schedule in when you eat and drink so that you can reduce the amount of time you’re spending with the clear aligners out of your mouth.

The benefits of clear aligners can be life-changing for many, not only for the confidence they can bring but also to improve the health of your teeth overall. Our clear aligners are a great option if you’re thinking of improving your smile and we aim to provide only the highest quality of products for our customers. If you’re considering alternative options to traditional braces, then clear aligners could be a viable option for you.


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