Stuart Cunningham’s Teeth Straightening Journey

Straight My Teeth Happy Customer
  • Published Date: April 4, 2019
  • Updated Date: April 7, 2021
  • Reading Time: 2 min

Straightening one’s teeth has always been a daunting task for people. Getting wired braces that took over 2 years to straighten teeth was an option people resorted to thanks to lack of alternatives. However now getting that perfect smile is easier than ever. The good news is that people can get custom made clear aligners online which are safe, effective and deliver quick results.

One such person who wanted their teeth straightened at home is Stuart Cunningham. He came across our website and took 30 second Free Assessment to find out if the aligner treatment is the right way for him to straighten his teeth. After his successful assessment he ordered the impression kit to take his dental impressions at home. He sent back the impressions in the box with prepaid postage.

Once we received his impressions, our specialized team of orthodontists /dentist prescribed him the perfect treatment plan and a complete before and after treatment preview was sent for him to approve.

3D Front View - Before3D Front View - After3D Upper View - Before3D Upper View - After3D Lower View - Before3D Lower View - After3D Right View - Before3D Right View - After3D Left View - Before3D Left View - After

Once he got onboard with his new smile, he ordered Straight My Teeth clear aligners that are made to move his teeth into its new position. He has since begun his journey by wearing his invisible aligners daily and had this to say, “Fit really well.”

Checkout what he has to say about his experience with us at You too can straighten your teeth at home with Straight My Teeth aligners. Begin now with a 30 second free assessment.

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