Your Complete Guide to NightOnly Clear Aligners

guide to nightonly clear aligners
guide to nightonly clear aligners
  • Published Date: August 5, 2020
  • Updated Date: April 7, 2021
  • Reading Time: 11 min

Table of Contents

  1. What Are Clear Aligners?
  2. Can You Wear Aligners at Night?
  3. What’s the Difference Between NightOnly and Regular Clear Aligners?
    1. Wear Time
    2. Treatment Time
    3. Price
  4. Benefits of Using NightOnly Clear Aligners
  5. Are These Teeth Straightening Method Safe?
  6. How to Use Night Braces for Teeth
  7. Who’s a Good Candidate for Nighttime Aligners?
  8. How Much Do NightOnly Clear Aligners Cost?
  9. How to Get NightOnly Clear Aligners
    1. Fill Out Our Assessment Form
    2. We Create Your Smile Projection and Aligners
    3. Receive Your NightOnly Clear Aligners
  10. We Make Teeth Straightening at Home Easy

Did you know that while 80% of Brits are confident enough to smile at people, 50% admit they don’t smile as much as they could do?

If your teeth aren’t very nice, you might feel self-conscious whenever you eat or smile. So this might put you in the category of people who wish they could smile more.

What’s great is there are plenty of teeth straightening options out there, including clear aligners (or clear braces).

Can you wear aligners at night though? Well yes, you can!

If you’re interested in our NightOnly Clear Aligners, then read on. We’ll give you a complete guide on our teeth straightening method!

What Are Clear Aligners?

Before we discuss what NightOnly Clear Aligners are, let’s first give you an overview of how our clear aligners work. You might also know these as “clear braces” or “invisible braces”. These are a great choice if you want to do teeth straightening without braces.

Our clear aligners are custom made to fit snugly on your teeth. You wear them for around 20 to 22 hours a day, which ensures that they slowly shift your teeth into place.

You don’t just wear one clear aligner though. Since your teeth are changing positions, you’ll have to swap out your clear aligners for new ones as treatment goes on.

What’s great about this type of teeth straightening is it’s not permanent. If you ever need a break, or you want to eat or drink something that might stain your aligners, all you have to do is pop them out. With things like metal bracket, ceramic, and lingual braces, you won’t have that convenience, as they’re permanently bonded to your teeth.

All of our aligner trays are made to fit your teeth as you progress in treatment, so make sure you never wear them for too short or too long. Always follow the treatment plan set forth by us to get the best results possible.

Another thing that sets our clear aligners apart from the competition is there’s no need to visit an actual orthodontist. Everything is done online for your convenience!

Can You Wear Aligners at Night?

Considering you have to wear clear aligners for up to 22 hours a day, you pretty much have to wear aligners at night, even with the regular daytime option. The best route to take is to just wear them all the time and only take them out briefly to eat, drink, or brush and floss your teeth. This ensures that you’re getting the most out of treatment.

For some, this might feel too restrictive. If this is the case for you, then know that we have a nighttime only option called NightOnly Clear Aligners.

With this type of aligner, you only need to wear the trays at night when you relax and go to sleep. We recommend wearing them for around 8 to 10 hours a night to get the best results possible.

Because you only wear the clear aligners at night, this does mean treatment time will be a little longer. But for many, this is worth it when they only have to wear the trays for half a day instead of a full one.

What’s the Difference Between NightOnly and Regular Clear Aligners?

There are lots of similarities between our regular and NightOnly Clear Aligners. With both, you’ll use convenient, comfortable, and clear trays to straighten your teeth.

However, there are some noticeable differences between the two. These might sway you towards one or the other. Read on to find out what these differences are.

Wear Time

As you’ve already seen from above, you wear regular clear aligners for around 22 hours a day; this is pretty much all your waking hours plus your sleeping ones. Compare this with NightOnly aligners, which you only have to wear 8 to 10 hours a day.

This means you won’t have to worry about remembering to get your aligner whenever you take them out during the day, such as when you eat or drink. All you have to do is put them in after brushing your teeth, go to sleep, wake up in the morning, and take them out before you eat breakfast.

Treatment Time

With NightOnly Clear Aligners, you’ll get the convenience of not only wearing the trays during the night, but also a shorter wear time. However, this does come with a caveat: you’ll have to spend longer wearing these aligners, as the daily wear time is cut in half.

For people with misalignments that aren’t so bad, this shouldn’t matter too much. The treatment time will be relatively short compared to everyone else’s anyway, so it might be worth it to opt for the convenience of NightOnly Clear Aligners.

In general, most of our patients need to wear the daytime aligners for around 6 months on average. On the other hand, wearers for NightOnly Clear Aligners need about 6-8 months or more of treatment time.


There are slight differences in prices when you compare these 2 clear aligners.

The regular daytime clear aligners will cost £999 for both your top and bottom arches. We currently offer a discounted price of £799 if you choose the SmileAdvantage plan, which involves a one-time payment and you’re done.

Otherwise, you can opt for our installment plan: SmileFlex Easy. These costs more at £1,099, plus you’ll have to pay £295 as a down payment in the beginning. However, all you’ll have to pay for 12 months is £67 each month.

We discuss the prices of NightOnly Clear Aligners in a later section, but very quickly, they cost slightly more than the regular daytime aligners.

Benefits of Using NightOnly Clear Aligners

As you already know, you don’t have to wear the NightOnly Clear Aligners for very long when compared to the daytime ones. But what are the other benefits you’ll get from wearing these aligners?

For one, you won’t have to worry about people noticing you have trays in. They’re already very discreet, but if you’re very self-conscious and worry about people seeing your aligners, then the nighttime option is perfect for you.

Also, it’s very easy to take care of your clear aligners. Simply rinse them with water and use the Daily Fusion Foam to clean them.

Are These Teeth Straightening Method Safe?

NightOnly Clear Aligners are definitely safe to use! As we’ve mentioned above, it’s practically a pain-free way to straighten your teeth. Plus, it’s very discreet, meaning no one will know you even have these trays in your mouth.

In addition, our aligners are made from completely safe materials. We’ve chosen a BPA-free plastic, which means you won’t put your health at risk when you wear these aligners at night.

How to Use Night Braces for Teeth

It’s very easy to use our NightOnly Clear Aligners. When you come home from work or school, had your dinner, and brushed and flossed your teeth, simply take the aligner tray and press it to your teeth.

You can go about the rest of your evening and then go straight to sleep. When you wake up, you can start your morning routine and take the clear aligners out when you want to eat and brush your teeth.

Make sure you clean them with the Daily Fusion Foam every day. That way, you ensure your aligners are free of harmful bacteria.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Nighttime Aligners?

Our nighttime aligners are good for people who are over 14 years old. If you have gaps, narrow arches, and/or crooked teeth, then you’re probably a good candidate for our aligners. However, if they’re pretty severe, you might have to go with daytime clear aligners or other teeth-straightening methods.

In addition, ideal candidates will have all their natural and permanent teeth in. They should also have good oral health to minimize the chances of complications.

How Much Do NightOnly Clear Aligners Cost?

Our NightOnly Clear Aligners have 2 different costs, depending on which plan you order: Night Advantage or NightFlex Easy. They’re not cheap braces, but it’ll be worth every penny when you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

With the Night Advantage plan, the regular price is £1,149.00 but we offer a discounted price of £849.00 right now. You’ll pay a one-time fee, which can be a huge relief if you aren’t a fan of stretching out payments.

If you aren’t able to afford a one-off fee that’s near 4 digits, that’s no problem. You can opt for the NightFlex Easy plan instead.

This plan is more expensive at £1,249 total, but you’ll get to make 12 monthly installment payments of £75 each. Do note that you’ll have to make a down payment of £349 at the beginning. As you can see, this is significantly less pressure on your bank account.

In both plans, you’ll get:

  • A free impression kit (regular price of £44.99)
  • Smile projection
  • Clear aligners
  • Free retainers (regular price of £99)
  • Free shipping inside the UK

With the NightAdvantage plan, you’ll also get a free teeth whitening kit.

We take all major forms of payment, so you won’t have to worry about your payment being declined, so long as you stick to these options.

How to Get NightOnly Clear Aligners

By now, you’ve probably realized that NightOnly Clear Aligners are a good choice for straightening your teeth. While daytime clear aligners are great, these night braces are even better!

If these are your thoughts, then you’ll want to know how to order these aligners from us.

Fill Out Our Assessment Form

First, you’ll want to fill out our free assessment form to see if you’re a good candidate for night time clear aligners. This form is very easy to fill out; it should only take you 30 seconds!

Once you’ve submitted the form, our expert team will assess it and they might even give you a call. Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll then send you an at-home Dream Smile Box. With this box, you’ll make up to 4 dental impressions to send back to us (you’ll need 2 impressions of each of your arches).

Don’t worry about having to pay for postage, as we’ll take care of all that. The kit also comes with gloves and a cheek retractor; you won’t have to worry about supplying anything yourself.

We Create Your Smile Projection and Aligners

When you send back the Dream Smile Box to us, our professional team will then create your Smile Projection. They’ll also put together a personalized plan for treatment to get you the best results possible, as quickly as possible too!

You can then go online and view your Smile Projection file. This will show you the expected results you can get for your front, upper, lower, right, and left teeth. We’ll also put together before and after pictures so you’ll see what your future smile can potentially look like.

If you’re happy with your Smile Projection, we’ll then create your aligners when you put in your order. These will be created by using the dental impressions you’ve sent us, meaning you won’t have to visit the orthodontist’s office in person.

Receive Your NightOnly Clear Aligners

Once the aligners are created, we’ll send them back to your house. You’ll then follow our treatment plan and achieve your dream smile in about a year!

We Make Teeth Straightening at Home Easy

So can you wear aligners at night? You certainly can with our NightOnly Clear Aligners.

While our daytime aligners are also very easy to use, perhaps you or your loved ones don’t have the discipline to wear those aligners for up to 22 hours a day. In that case, the NightOnly Clear Aligners might be perfect for you.

But you’ll never know until you try out our free assessment. Fill out our form now to embark on your teeth straightening journey. If our expert team deems you a good candidate, then you can move on to ordering your nighttime clear aligners!


  1. Nightonly clear aligners are a great choice for everyone trying to achieve a great smile without letting their teeth straightening treatment interfere their daily life.

  2. Night time aligners are perfect because it’s not like you are doing anything at night, you are sleeping lol. Hope I pass the assessment and can get them. My teeth are not very attractive and I’m always so self conscious.

  3. I stay pretty busy during the day and am often distracted. I think the night aligners would work well for me. I am very forgetful sometimes, and I could just see myself losing these things during the day.

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