Habits To Follow While Wearing Invisible Aligners

Transparent Aligners
Transparent Aligners
  • Published Date: October 9, 2019
  • Updated Date: September 8, 2021
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Invisible aligners bring a change to how people look at braces and consider these as an alternative. Unlike regular metallic braces, these are virtually invisible, so that no other person can notice your aligners. It is one of the many plus points of using Invisible Aligners. However, when it comes to habit and usage, the users require monitoring and curbing a few practices to ensure a faster result. With this said, here are some practices to follow when you use Straight My Teeth Invisible aligners

Reduce Coffee Consumption

Aligners are prone to be stained. If you drink a lot of coffee daily, there is terrible news lurking your way. Coffee is known to leave a stain, and invisible aligners are stained every time you consume caffeine. Thus, remove your Straight My Teeth Invisible aligners before consuming a cup of coffee or any other drinks that leaves stains more often.

Brush Frequently

It is an inevitable truth about braces and invisible aligners, as they require frequent brushing. A person on an average needs to brush about 4 to 6 times a day while wearing braces. The reason is that they are close to each other, and the surface requires cleaning as much as possible.

Avoid Consuming Chewing Gums

The health and overall hygiene of your mouth using aligners depend on how you maintain the cleanliness. People may have a habit of chewing gums. This is the last thing you require, as chewing gums affect teeth straightening while the invisible aligners are fit, affecting both the gums and tooth enamel extensively.

Eat Fast

The fact that aligners require wearing for 22 hours a day on an average, you cannot afford to take extended breaks while eating or keeping it aside. Ensure to have quick meals to reduce extra time while keeping the braces off. Not wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours every day may not give the results you want.

Drink Cold Water

Water is perhaps the only thing you can consume while aligners are on. Drink cold and sparkling water, and this does not change, harm, or leave stains on your aligners. On the contrary, hot water is harmful to your mouth and may leave your gums, and enamels feel the impact.

Invisible Aligners are tough to maintain and frequently require attention. Unlike regular braces, they look a lot better in appearance, comfort, and frequent maintenance help as well. If you are planning to use aligners soon, then your best option is Straight My Teeth. We are a reputed brand, developing the best and clearest invisible aligners today. We recommend clean and healthy oral hygiene while using our aligners.


    1. When you first have your aligners placed for treatment, you might notice a slight lisp when you talk, particularly when you make “s” or “sh” sounds. This mild lisp will most likely only be noticeable to you, not to anyone your speaking to, and it should gradually fade as you adjust to wearing your aligners.

    1. Aligners should not be worn when you are chewing or eating anything. They are to be taken off for meals. After you finish eating, you should then be sure to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back on. This counts for chewing gum, as well. Gum can stick to your aligners, causing all kinds of problems, so it’s recommended you don’t chew when you have them in.

    1. Clear aligners make getting orthodontic treatments a lot more pleasant. These devices make it possible to discreetly straighten teeth. Once upon a time, those dealing with misaligned or crooked teeth did not have any other options besides traditional metal braces. While these devices have been proven to be very effective at improving the alignment of teeth, they do tend to ruin the aesthetics of a person’s smile.

    1. Absolutely correct Suzanne. Just a little discipline for 6-8 months and then get your dream smile.

    1. Yes, You can drink cold still water and sparkling water wearing aligners, but if you drink coffee, make sure you have removed your aligners.

    1. Invisible aligners isn’t just a treatment, it’s a lifestyle. You can improve your oral health and your physical health with Invisible aligner, the treatment that will make you into a super smiler!

    1. Absolutely correct Jakob, Clear aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours each day as instructed and if someone fails to follow the instruction will not get the exact result showed in preview.

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