Clear Aligners For Teeth Spacing

Clear Aligners For Teeth Spacing – Discreet, Comfortable, Hassle-Free Orthodontics

Are you suffering from problematic teeth spacing? If so, you’re not alone. 5% of the world’s population (some 390 million people) have the same condition.
While some people are happy to embrace their gappy smile, others find it problematic.
Teeth spacing occurs when there is too much space in the mouth resulting in unnatural tooth gaps. In addition to making people feel self-conscious, uneven teeth spacing can prevent someone from adequately breaking down and digesting food.
Being unable to digest food properly can lead to a bunch of other health-related issues.
Thankfully, the solution is clear with clear aligners for teeth spacing.
Discreet custom trays help to close gaps by shifting teeth slowly and comfortably, resulting in a hassle-free, rejuvenated smile.

The benefits of a straighter smile are clear to see!

Straight teeth have many social and health-related benefits.

  • A straighter smile is linked to better digestion.
  • Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean.
  • People with straighter teeth have improved and clearer speech.
  • Those with straighter teeth experience minimal wear and tear.
  • Less wear and tear leads to fewer breaks, chips or cracks.
  • And finally, a beautiful smile leads to increased self-confidence.
The benefits of a straighter smile are clear to see!
Straight My Teeth Customer

I discovered ‘Straight my Teeth’ (SMT) during the first lockdown. I had had a brace before and had not always worn a retainer so my teeth had begun to move quite badly. I thought it was worth giving SMT a go as the price was very reasonable; nothing ventured nothing gained!

I was impressed by the service I received. I failed on my first home impressions but had a lovely dentist talk me through the whole process on Zoom and achieved success. The aligners are easy to wear once you get used to them and much less conspicuous than a brace. Sarah, my STM advisor, kept in touch with me regularly and gave me gentle reminders when I forgot to send photos. The whole process was painless and professional and I would definitely recommend it.

Hope the above fits the bill. I actually mean every word of it and have genuinely been impressed. Much better than previous brace.

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Dorothy Wilson

What causes teeth spacing in the first place?

What causes teeth spacing in the first place?

Gapping takes place when;

  • Teeth are missing, and remaining teeth start to drift, leaving gaps.
  • Excessive thumb sucking occurred as a child. Or
  • A frenum is overgrown – The connective tissue between the lip and the two upper/central teeth.
  • Teeth and jawbones are incorrectly sized – usually the result of a developmental problem.

Clear aligner treatment for teeth spacing – The Straight My Teeth way!

Curing your problem is easy with Straight My Teeth’s 3 step process:

1 aligner

A 30-second free assessment allows us to see if you are a good candidate.

2 door

Create your impressions with our easy-to-use impression kits delivered directly to your door.

3 smile

Order your aligners, wait for them to be delivered and wear them for the duration of your treatment.

All aligners are:


Crystal Clear





So what are you waiting for?

You don’t need to put up with a gappy smile. Get perfectly straight teeth using clear aligners for teeth spacing. Prices start from just £110.00 per month.