Clear Aligners For Misaligned Teeth

Fix your misaligned smile
Fix your misaligned smile

Clear Aligners For Misaligned Teeth – Say Hello To A Confidence-Boosting Smile

How misaligned teeth affect us?

Misaligned teeth affect us in many more ways than sporting an imperfect smile. Crooked, uneven or crowded teeth can trigger a host of other issues, including:

  • Speech problems
  • Issues with chewing and digesting foods
  • Temporomandibular (jaw joint) pain
  • Dental problems such as uneven or excessive wear

Crooked or gapped teeth can impact heavily on the quality of life, leading to poor food choices, health-related difficulties, and, eventually, low levels of self-esteem.

If you can relate to any of the above, then Straight My Teeth have the answer.

You can achieve your dream smile with the help of innovative clear aligner technology in as little as 4-6 months – all for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day!

Here are just some of the crowded or gapped teeth issues that Straight My Teeth Clear aligners can fix.

Misaligned teeth

When the upper teeth close inside the lower teeth, this is a condition known as a crossbite. Many crossbite patients develop headaches and muscle tension from the abnormal stress placed on the jaw.

crowded teeth

Dental crowding is the unnatural overlapping of teeth due to insufficient room in the mouth. As teeth develop and jostle for space, they become displaced. Overcrowding can be mild, moderate or severe, depending upon the patient’s jaw size and how many teeth are in the mouth. Learn more.

teeth spacing

Spacing is the opposite of dental crowding. There is too much space in the mouth for the teeth to sit side by side naturally. The result is unnatural spacing or gaps. Learn more.


Commonly referred to as ‘buck teeth’, an overjet forms when the upper front teeth overlap the opposing teeth in the lower arch.


An overbite is where the upper front teeth considerably overlap the lower front teeth. In extreme cases, the protruding teeth can even touch the gum behind the lower teeth, causing discomfort and gum recession. Read more.


An open bite occurs when part of the upper and lower teeth don’t meet when coming together. The result is a visible open space, usually in the centre of the smile.

Fix your misaligned teeth with affordable, hassle-free invisible aligners

Clear aligners, otherwise known as invisible braces, provide a refreshing alternative to conventional orthodontic braces.

No more visible brackets and wiring!

Instead, the plastic trays are custom-moulded to fit over the patient’s teeth and are designed so that they gently coerce the teeth little by little into the correct alignment.

Their discreet nature makes them ideal for people who don’t want to wear visible metal braces or who would like to take back some control over their orthodontic procedure.

Clear aligners for teeth are proven to work in most mild to moderate cases, straightening teeth comfortably and unobtrusively.

Fix your misaligned smile

Why Straight My Teeth?

There are other aligner options available, but here are some great reasons why clear aligners from Straight My Teeth are a sound investment choice.


Flexible payment options mean that treatment starts from just £110.00 per month.


You are only 3 simple steps away from changing your smile forever.


No orthodontist or check-ups to contend with, just the world’s clearest aligners delivered straight to your door.