Clear Braces: Everything You Wanted to Know About Them

all you wanted to know about clear braces
all you wanted to know about clear braces
  • Published Date: July 20, 2020
  • Updated Date: April 7, 2021
  • Reading Time: 10 min

Did you know that more than half of British adults report being so dissatisfied with their teeth that they avoid smiling altogether? Because they avoid flashing their pearly whites, three in five report suffering from “Posh Spice Syndrome.”

Unfortunately, feeling self-conscious about your smile comes with much more than comparisons to Victoria Beckham. It can lead to feelings of anxiety, poor self-esteem, and a vicious cycle of negativity.

But the problems don’t stop at appearance alone. Crooked teeth also interfere with digestion, proper chewing, and jaw alignment. They can cause excess wear and tear, temporomandibular joint disorder, and chronic headaches.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend years with a “metal mouth” to improve your smile and dental health. Read on for a full break down of what clear braces are and how they can change your life for the better.

What Are Clear Braces?

In recent years, orthodontics has made many significant leaps and bounds. Orthodontic patients have more options when it comes to achieving beautiful teeth and better oral health.

Most people are familiar with bulky, metal braces. Unfortunately, many people shy away from correcting dental issues for the dread associated with wearing unsightly metal braces in public. Fortunately, you’ve got many orthodontic options today.

Invisible aligners or clear braces let you straighten your teeth without the look and feel of cumbersome braces. They are discreet, durable, and offer long-lasting results.

Clear Braces and Length of Treatment

Many patients that we see have questions about their orthodontic options. When they’re first introduced to the advantages of invisible aligners, they may feel impressed by their versatility and appearance.

They also have questions, though, about how long they’ll need to wear these clear braces.
Each patient has specific dental needs, and so their treatment duration will vary. For example, some patients are in and out of invisible aligners in a matter of four months, while others require a longer treatment time of approximately nine months.

That said, most people notice straight teeth within the first six months. That’s because treatment focuses on moving the most obvious teeth (based on appearance) first. That way, you see the fastest improvement in your smile possible.

Clear Braces and Durability

Why do metal braces remain the go-to, particularly for kids? Because they have an exceptional track record of durability and strength.

Many of our patients want to know how well invisible aligners hold up in comparison to metal braces. Clear aligners are manufactured from BPA-free plastic trays. They’re designed to fit over your teeth, gently moving them into the desired position.

These plastic trays are relatively durable, and you shouldn’t be afraid to put a little pressure on them when taking them out. Particularly at first, they’re going to fit quite snugly.

You’ll need to remove your trays each time before you eat or drink anything. So, they’re not recommended for young children who may not yet be ready for the responsibility of looking after their trays.

Are Clear Braces Painful?

Each time you receive a new set of invisible aligners, expect to feel a small amount of discomfort at first. They’re changing the shape of your bite to accommodate proper alignment.

This process will come with some tenderness at the beginning of each new stage. This tenderness means the aligners are working, and it’s only temporary.

If you’ve worn braces at any time in the past, however, it’s comparable to the discomfort that patients experience when they get new wires or a stronger set of rubber bands.

Remember that any tenderness you feel is only temporary and will subside rapidly. The aligners rely on incremental changes and low force for results, so the vast majority of patients report them as comfortable to wear.

These patients also report no interference with everyday tasks. The same can’t be said for traditional metal or ceramic braces.

What Do Customers Appreciate Most About Invisible Aligners?

Clear braces come with many excellent benefits. They’re discreet and unobtrusive. They work rapidly to adjust your bite.

They won’t damage your teeth or gums like traditional braces sometimes do. For all of these reasons, they represent a low-risk intervention. Yet, they still offer stunning results.

Patients all over the UK report being satisfied with the orthodontic process, and they love the newfound confidence they have when it comes to smiling and showing off their straight teeth!

What’s more, unlike metal braces or ceramic braces, you don’t have to give up any of your favourite foods. Since you remove the invisible aligners every time you eat, you’ll never have to stress over broken wires or discolored brackets, either.

Clear Braces Cost and Affordability

At this point, you likely still have many questions. Are clear braces too good to be true? How much do clear braces cost?

After all, they come with so many benefits, there must be a catch, right?

While the final cost that each patient pays will be based on their individual dental needs, invisible aligners generally run in the range of £2,716 for upper and lower teeth.

Fortunately, with the new Straight My Teeth clear aligner system, you can gain a gorgeous smile for less than £999. Easy installment plans are also available. As a part of your service, you’ll also receive retainers for free.

Talk about cheap braces!

What’s more, Straight My Teeth allows you to get started at the comfort of your home. Check out this free assessment to get started.

Deciding If Clear Braces Are Right for You

Weighing your options when it comes to more traditional options versus invisible aligners is an important decision that you’ll want to weigh carefully.

That said, there are many compelling advantages of clear braces that you should keep in mind:

  • Easier to keep clean
  • No dietary impact
  • No orthodontist visits
  • More comfort
  • Better appearance
  • Safe for children, teens, and adults
  • Corrects a variety of dental issues
  • Better than other aligners

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages and why you should consider Straight My Teeth to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Easier to Keep Clean

Traditional braces can be very difficult to keep clean. The brackets trap food as do the wires. What’s more, the wires make it challenging to floss. It’s an all-around pain.

With clear braces, however, you won’t face these concerns. Instead, you simply remove the aligner trays when you’d like to eat, drink, or floss and brush your teeth. Keeping the trays clean is as simple as brushing them gently with warm water and toothpaste.

No Dietary Impact

When you get traditional braces, you also receive a multi-page handout describing the many foods that you can no longer eat. They include everything from popcorn to nuts and apples. You can also say goodbye to crunchy, sticky, and hard foods.

And if you opt for ceramic, tooth-colored braces? Then, you’ve got to remember the foods that might stain your brackets and attachments. That means no wine, coffee, tea, or the like.

Anybody who has ever worn braces or is in them now will tell you that these restrictions are one of the worst parts of wearing braces.

Fortunately, you’ll never face these issues with invisible aligners. Just remove them and eat what you’d like. Then, it’s as simple as brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth before reinstalling them.

No Orthodontist Visits

When you wear traditional or ceramic braces, in-person orthodontist visits are mandatory every six weeks. This schedule can get inconvenient and time-consuming very quickly.

During these appointments, your orthodontist will tighten wires, repair brackets, and tighten rubber bands.

There are even some invisible aligners among other clear braces, that require live appointments.

But with the Straight My Teeth system, you get results direct to you, no costly or time-consuming appointments needed. It doesn’t get more convenient than teeth straightening at home.

You even make your dental impressions at home, and it’s simpler than you might think. Check out the full process.

You’ll receive the treatment aligners for your current phase right at home. You can start taking advantage of gently adjusting your alignment without hours spent at a doctor’s office.

More Comfort

Let’s face it. Traditional braces are downright uncomfortable. The brackets can tear up the interior of your mouth, and the wires can poke your cheeks. What’s more, each time you get the wires tightened, you’re in for a few days of serious toothaches.

Wearing clear braces are far more comfortable. And every time you remove them, you can enjoy time with your natural teeth.

They decrease the pain associated with metal scraps to your lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

Better Appearance

When you’ve spent a lifetime feeling self-conscious about your smile, it can feel frustrating to add bulky braces to the mix. Then, your chances of flashing a grin become zilch.

You’ll never have to worry about your appearance with clear braces. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to get people to notice you’re wearing them at all, apart from the fact people will start to comment on your straightening teeth.

Clear aligners let you keep your orthodontic treatments to yourself, and that’s a very good thing. After all, nobody wants to be the subject of water cooler talk, especially when they’re taking steps for a better life and appearance.

Safe for Children, Teens, and Adults

Invisible aligners prove fantastic for kids 13 and up. While they’re safe for children even younger, you’ll need to decide if your child is ready to deal with installing and removing the trays as well as properly caring for them.

Young kids also are more prone to losing trays. So, you’ll want to make sure your kid is ready for this responsibility. It’s a great way for them to straighten their teeth without feeling self-conscious at school, though.

Corrects a Variety of Dental Issues

Invisible aligners fix a wide variety of dental problems. These include:

  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Overbite
  • Open bite
  • Underbite

You’ll see improvements when it comes to bite and crowding issues. From crossbites to misaligned teeth and underbites, you’ll be amazed by the transformation that’s possible with clear braces.

Aligners also decrease your chances of developing gum disease and cavities. It’s a win-win for your dental health and appearance.

Better Than Other Aligners

Many different companies manufacture invisible aligners today. But they’re not all created equal.

Many will overcharge for your trays and their services. They also require in-person appointments.

With the Straight My Smile system, however, you reap the benefits of a system that’s been thoroughly streamlined to make it as efficient and affordable as possible. We remain committed to the idea that everyone deserves to have an award-winning smile.

Clear Braces for a Brighter Smile

As you can see, orthodontics have come a long way over the past few years. As a result, it’s never been easier for you to enjoy a straight, beautiful set of teeth without dealing with the discomfort and hassle of braces.

Invisible aligners let you maintain your lifestyle without the scrutiny of others. Few people will even notice you’re wearing them. That is, until they start complimenting your wonderful smile.

What’s more, aligners can address a wide range of dental issues from crowded teeth to gaps, open bites, and overbites without the necessity of regular visits to the orthodontist.

And when you opt for the Straight My Smile system, you lock in a price that’s surprisingly affordable with payment plan options available.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you understand the many advantages associated with invisible aligners or clear braces, the real question is what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to get a smile you love through convenient at-home treatment? Find out why Straight My Teeth is the UK’s most preferred teeth-straightening option.


  1. My son wanted these instead of metal braces. I told him they probably didn’t use these on teens, but I guess I was wrong (wonderful surprise). How do I get him setup with the impression kit, etc,?

    Thanks, Lake.

  2. This is so AWESOME. I thought that with clear braces you’d have to wear them longer, but the opposite is true – this is amazing.

  3. So glad to have so many other more comfortable and convenient options rather than painful metal braces.

  4. That’s amazing that clear aligners can treat underbite. I would have never thought that. My friend in school when I was younger had a terrible underbite, I always wonder if he fixed it.

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